Over the years La Valentina has always given great importance to sustainability and it is still a very important part of our company philosophy.

The challenge is based on the idea of making the product sustainable by improving its environmental performance, starting from the vocation for the enhancement of the tipicity of our wines, obtained by leaving the vines from all chemical conditioning, and continuing through innovation not only in production, but also in working methods, behavior and management systems.

We guarantee a high level of biodiversity, safeguarding natural resources.

Everything is done respecting the environment and the harmony of the ecosystem. We guarantee the highest level of biodiversity, safeguarding natural resources.

The energy we use is produced by the sun.

Our wines are certified as follows through certified laboratories:

  • Certified no pesticide residue
  • Certified no animal products
  • Certified no allergens


  • Berry-by-berry selection
  • No juice concentrators
  • No clarifications or filtrations that could alter the biological and natural equilibrium of the wines
  • Total Sulphur never exceeds 80 mg/l
  • No chemical additions or corrections