Our History



La Valentina Farm was born on the hills overlooking Spoltore, which is near Pescara in Central Italy, in 1990. The owners, Sabatino, Roberto e Andrea Di Properzio, have been running the company since putting their development project into action in 1994.


After the first few years spent studying the Santa Teresa vineyard, their continuous efforts to keep improving quality and to achieve recognition for the high-quality D.O.C. wines from the Abruzzo region have become the principal goals in the company philosophy. 


We have learned to fully understand our land by respecting and tending to it. Every single year we have  healthier wines with additional quality and authenticity.

Moved by the conviction that real improvement comes only from respecting natural equilibriums, we have rigorously applied, year after year, our philosophy of not permitting the unrestrained use of technology and chemicals. Therefore we choose to intervene as little as possible in the natural processes, adhering to the principle that high-quality D.O.C. wine “has the mark of the vine on its grapes”.


We have decided to intervene as little as possible in what are natural processes, adhering to the concept that high-quality D.O.C. wine “has the mark of the vine on its grapes.”


Our wines are the natural products of our own terroir – our unique combination of terrain and soil – which we try to convey to every bottle and which is the secret of our original taste. The local micro-climate and the land itself, to which our vines are bound and so well-adapted, give us wines of unique and distinctive character. We are convinced that a fine wine is born from the sum of countless tiny details, so our objective must not only be to consistently produce fine wines, but also to make sure that they are and will always remain authentic.

sustainable development

Today La Valentina adheres completely to the principles of sustainable development and considers sustainability and respect for the environment as driving propositions

Ongoing employee training and education allows us to perform all our work, and associated tasks, in a responsible and environment-friendly way, and to incessantly monitor the correct application of sustainable development principles. We are aware that these are elements for which our company policies must constantly improve in order to be achieve our goal of having the greatest possible social and environmental awareness.